2nd JULY 2014

Honky donkey, been mostly working on walls rather than paper of lately. Check out the all-new(ly named) ‘MURALS’ section for the low-down including most recently painted places, Flint + Flint and Maris Interiors. I implore you to watch the videos linked in each to get a sense of the full space of each (alongside some rocking cover version soundtracks - a new tact that avoids Youtube marking videos as copyright infringing).

Working on some papier mache for this group show I’m involved with at your boy Good Press in Glasgow. ‘Citing!

Swank poster as per always by Matt Walkerdine. Here is a pic of me before the aforementioned Flint + Flint mural.

What a banana brain!

2nd MARCH 2014

Kick! Punch! Second of the Month! New stuff up in the catchily titled ‘EDITORIAL AND STUFF’ section including the big jobby I’ve been working on for Parklife festival. All the stuff hinted at in my previous entry is now online here tooooo...

22nd JANUARY 2014

2014! Whassup! Where 2013 at!? That’s what I thought. New year, new you, new me, new things up on this website. Not too much for now but there’s some smatterings over in Editorial, Posters and Record Covers.

Been working on some top 2014 stuff though, guys! I’ve been in cohorts with PIN design on this year’s Parklife festival artwork. I’ve only gone and drawn EVERYONE who is playing at Parklife diddle I! Results of that coming soon.

Next up I be working on the Sounds From The Other City artwork with your girl, Lucy Jones! Check back soon for that or keep it tuned my blog for updates. First record cover of the year has just been completed too for a Burnt Hills LP dropping on Golden Lab records. Again, soon soon soon.

Gotta go and get back amongst it. Much more stuff coming soooon!

P.S. In other news, got some great new nibs and pens - feeling great.

4th NOVEMBER 2013

Remember, remember the 4th of November! Of course! First update in loadsa months, time flies boyo!

New stuff most places, most exciting additions (for me) can be found in the record covers and posters sections respectively. Choose your own path.

Flesh & Bone is back in the game zone, follow their new presence if you’re a tumblrbod over at FLESHANDBONEZONE.TUMBLR.COM. New strips promised every Monday (yeah right!).

Dig it,

28th MARCH 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I mean, what? March came, March almost gone, March conquered. See ya! Been busy, check out all areas of the site for updates. Most of all I’d implore you to check out the bathroom and kitchen work I recently did for Tyndaris in London. It was most epic on-site illustration job to date and a lot of fun. Well, as much fun as you can have in a toilet cubicle by yourself for 12 hours a day. Nyooo ducky!

Flesh & Bone compendium book out on Museums Press too man! That’s my other favourite news of recent times.

Keep it locked to my tumblr for up to the minute news on recent workings. Bye!

18th MAY 2012

HOLY POTATO BANANAS! Talk about a lot of water under the bridge, talk about a lot of updates. Check out the Illustration, Posters, Comics, Record Covers and Exhibition sections for ALL NEW bonanaza bananas. Bananas is the key word, it’s gone beyond pear-shaped and twisting one’s melon. If I could advise you to go anywhere in particular, I’d say go check out the documentation of my ASAP AS POSSIBLE exhibition, or why not read my new comic I’ve Farted so I’ll Finish in full?

Absorb that and get back to me. I have things for sale, I am for sale. I don’t mind if you’re a window shopper, it’s encouraged!

14th MARCH 2012

I have an exhibition at Night & Day cafe opening on Monday 26th March 2012 entitled ‘ASAP AS POSSIBLE’, a stupid name I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s going to be an exhibition of mostly large, full colour, all new work. I’m looking forward to it. You should come if you can, it’s running for a month until 29th April 2012. There’s going to C H E A P  W I N E !

28th FEBRUARY 2012

Greetings Earthlings! Updates ago-go! Wheel it on down to the poster section for SIX new posters for Earth, Mount Eerie, Halo Halo, Sex Hands, Corpsekisser, Manchester Zap, Beer and Sausage! That’s more than six but don’t worry, it’ll all transpire when you get there.

Perhaps you’ll like the new and improved Illustration section? I’ve put three new Josie Long t-shirt designs on there and the latest movements from my Sounds from the Other City endeavors. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s most expansive.

Lastly, there’s an all new HIRE ME! section, you click it from the main page. It exists to preach that I’m really up for doing bar design, menu design, wall coverings, business embellishments and the like for YOUR venture. I live in Manchester so that’s preferable but perhaps I can even travel to you wherever you are. And then there’s always email if you’re after strictly paper persuits. I’m so well qualified to do this, I can’t explain, I feel in a very rich vein at the moment. Please do take advantage, my rates are very affordable and I bring unique solutions to the table every time.

Thank you

7th FEBRUARY 2012

Happy new year! I’ve been meaning to say that to you for so long, I only just plucked up the courage. It’s been a busy year so far, take this week for instance - I’ve done four posters! Maybe not a career best but it’s certainly verging on it. I’ve yet to upload them here as some are underwraps but allow me to point you in the direction of my new tumblr page for illustration. This will work as a sidecar to the main website, things don’t make it here will make it there. Not to say that it’s going to be something of a dumping ground, the opposite in fact! It’s more that no stone will go unturned, you’ll be able to appreciate every facet of my working life. Well, see for yourself anyway. Check it out!

Check out the ‘Contact’ page here because I’ve only gone and ammended it to include a CLIENTS list didn’t I! Feast your eyes and hey, why not hire me for your firm? I’m good value and I’m a seasoned professional.

Until next time!

10th DECEMBER 2011

Just a quick one, I’ve just uploaded photos of my photo booth illustrations for the Sketch-O-Matic project at the Cornerhouse, Manchester. Check it out here!

Whilst you’ve got your checking and wrecking ball, spin over to Flesh & Bone where I’m putting on a new comic strip everyday running up until Christmas. It’s freakishly festive from hereon in so don’t delay, go there today!

7th DECEMBER 2011

A four stack of new posters are now up in the poster section. These posters include posters for Euros Childs, Comfortable on a Tightrope’s 7th Birthday party, Salford Zine Fair’s Printomania and The White Album (not that White Album).

This is all!

More updates sooner than you could ever imagine.

2nd NOVEMBER 2011

Updaaaaaate! First of all, here’s a music video I made recently for Pregnant under the duress of Icecapades in the UK and Mush Records in the US of A.

It’s my music video directorial debut, proper! For updates on this site check out the poster section, not one, not two but THREE newies up there. See the ‘Illustration’ sector also for my two latest commissioned series, office stereotypes and beards in the boardroom.

In other recent achievements, my blog Food Legend was crowned ‘Best Personal Blog’ at the Manchester Blog Awards 2011. I was touched and dumbfounded. You can read it here.

Remember to keep it locked to Flesh & Bone always for regular comic updates.

27th JULY 2011

How’s everybody loving the first week of the all new website? I know, right! Let me alert you to a couple of online buying opportunities right now. I’ve started an etsy site with Bryony Jackson selling our wares. There’s just three of my original posters for sale on there so far but more will be by both of us  added soon. Check it out here!

Also, I’ve got some original posters for sale on ebay, check them out here, here, here, here and here. We’re talking Sic Alps, we’re talking psychedelic, we’re talking Diane Cluck, we’re talking Shake Aletti. Shake your lettuce over there fast because bidding ends in about five days...or less. Bidding starts at 15 which is cheap, isn’t it? Is it? This is all for now.

Happy browsing!

23rd JULY 2011

Greetings! Welcome to the all new David Bailey website presented by me, David Bailey. The old one kicked the bucket (, home to the illustration work of Lucy Jones and me. Lucy has her own site over here now, please do check it out. It was a sad day when the domain ran out, the Mount Pleasant site served us well - it raged hard for five years...and then some!

Lots of new and previously unseen work on here, take a look through. That’s all for now, check me out in real life at my shop Good Grief!